New Pool FAQs

Here’s what you need to know about buying a new fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass pools are much less expensive to maintain. Electricity usage is typically 25 to 30 percent less. Maintenance chemicals are also cut by almost 70 percent. Add those figures up over the lifetime of a pool and you will quickly see what you will be saving on your pool budget every year.

Concrete or Gunite pools can be a nightmare with fluctuating temperatures and seasonal stresses. Costly acid washing and plaster repair will turn a beautiful pool into a money pit over time.

Vinyl-lined pools need regular replacement of their vinyl liner. What initially seemed like an inexpensive choice has become a regular cost every few years with no end in sight.

Fiberglass is the natural choice for all seasons and climates. Using a composite flexible material that adapts to the changing seasons, fiberglass construction is far superior. Fiberglass pools also inhibit the growth of algae far better than concrete and vinyl. Smaller algae growth equals less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pool.

Fiberglass pools take less time and contractors to install than other types of inground pools. This means you can start enjoying your pool faster.
Unfortunately, this is a hard question to answer. Estimated costs for an inground pool are nearly impossible to give without seeing the installation site. The first step we suggest is speaking with one of our pool installation experts about your specific wants and needs. With that in mind, we will do our best to give you a general idea of a reasonable swimming pool budget. A good rule of thumb for estimating cost is $1,000-$2,000 per linear foot (length) of the pool. This doesn't include many of the other installation work, but generally speaking inground pools cost anywhere from $40,000 - $100,000 depending on the pool type, and desired installation location.

Though this formula should help you determine which pool model fits in your budget, accessories like automatic safety covers, pool heaters, water features, automation, and salt systems are all items that will increase your pool estimate.
Here are just a few benefits of fiberglass pools:

Less Maintenance and Chemical Costs:
Compared to traditional vinyl liner and concrete pools, our non-abrasive and non-porous fiberglass pool surface inhibits the growth of algae, thus reducing the amount of time and chemicals needed to maintain the pool.

No Liner Replacement, Plastering, or Painting:
Any other type of pool surface will require long-term maintenance or replacement.

Beautifully-Crafted Designs:
In every Thursday Pools fiberglass pool design, you will find strategically-placed benches, sun ledges, step-outs and more. This not only makes the pools perfect for play, but for getting the most fun and function out of every design.

High End Options Without The Costs:
Fiberglass pools can offer you high-end options traditionally found in concrete pools without the costs associate with a traditional concrete construction. For example, our Infinity Pool Design with its vanishing edge will cost significantly less than it would in a concrete project.

Pets are family too. Fiberglass pools are known to be the most pet-friendly pools. With fiberglass, you don’t have to worry about your pet producing tears or punctures like you would in a vinyl lined pool. It is also important to note that fiberglass pools are typically designed with several entry and exit points, which make it safer for your pet who will be just as curious about a pool as a child would be.
An automatic safety cover for an inground swimming pool is a pricey optional item, but one that you may find to be well worth your investment.

Pool Safety:
Without a doubt, an automatic pool cover will make your pool a safer environment and provide you with peace of mind. In as little as 60 seconds, you can close and conceal your pool, protecting those you care about the most and some that may be lurking nearby unbeknownst to you. An automatic pool cover can easily hold the weight of a small child should they wander where they shouldn’t.

Chemical & Heating Savings:
The auto-cover doubles as a solar blanket and prevents water loss from evaporation. Some estimates project you can save up to 70 percent on heating and 30 percent on chemicals with an automatic safety cover.

Less Maintenance:
The auto-cover easily allows you to help reduce the amount of leaves and debris that can gain access to the pool. On windy days or when you decide to mow the lawn, simply close the pool cover. Blowing the leaves off the cover is a lot easier than vacuuming them out of the bottom of the pool.

Longer Swim Season:
Because the cover duals as a solar blanket, you can start enjoying the pool season a little earlier and prolong it a little longer.

Hassle-Free Winter Cover:
There is no need for a heavy winter cover and water tubes with an auto-cover. Because of the insulation properties of the cover, it can serve as your winter cover as well. By combining an auto-cover with the low maintenance needed of a fiberglass pool, you can have a pool that is one of the easiest systems to maintain and operate.
The main advantage of a fiberglass pool is less maintenance costs over the lifetime of the pool versus concrete and vinyl. If you want to save time and money over the lifetime of your pool, fiberglass is the right decision.
When it comes to investing in an inground fiberglass pool, it is important to consider the manufacturer’s fiberglass pool shell warranty. The substance behind our organization is our character. We were founded on and operate our organization by three guiding principles: Honesty, Integrity, and Mutual Respect. You can feel comfortable with a fiberglass pool manufactured by Thursday Pools. There is one thing you won’t find in their warranty: FINE PRINT. Their gimmick-free warranties are easy to read and understand.

Thursday Pools offer two industry-leading manufacturer warranties. We have our standard Lifetime Transferable Limited Warranty and our Lifetime FPA Transferable Warranty to accommodate pools that have our Fiberglass Anchoring System™.

Lifetime Fiberglass Pool Structural Warranty
Thursday Pools warrants your pool not to leak due to structural failures caused by workmanship and material used in the manufacturing process of the pool for a period of 35 Years from the date of purchase.

15-Year Fiberglass Pool Surface Warranty
Thursday Pools warrants your pool surface from osmotic blistering for a period of 15 years from the date of purchase.

Drainable Fiberglass Pool Warranty
Thursday Pools offers the only warranty on the market that allows your fiberglass pool to be drained and still maintain a valid structural warranty if it is anchored by our Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™.
All other manufacturers void your warranty if the water level in your pool drops below the skimmer.
There are lots of financing options for your new pool project. Just like any other major purchase, you need to do some research and get the best possible deal on your investment. Check out home equity lines of credit (HELOCs.) with your local bank. They allow you to borrow only as much money as you need for your pool project against the equity in your house. We also offer 3rd party financing as well.
When it comes to getting a new quality fiberglass inground pool, the waiting list for new installs is the hardest part. But relative to other pool types, fiberglass is a quick install. In fact, your new fiberglass pool could potentially be swim-ready in as little as three weeks! Vinyl liner pools can take up to eight weeks, and a concrete (gunite) pool can take up to six months. (But remember, every project is different, and your actual results may vary.)

You’ll also need to keep in mind that every pool installation is unique, and there are lots of variables, such as the accessibility of your site, your soil conditions, the weather, and local code requirements and inspections that can impact the process and your timeline.


    We offer no obligation new pool quotes. Some estimates require a site visit. We only install new in-ground fiberglass pools.